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  • %0 ART
  • %T PEPSI : a Monte Carlo generator for polarized leptoproduction
  • %A VELTRI M.
  • %G 0010-4655
  • %I Elsevier
  • %C Amsterdam, PAYS-BAS
  • %D 1992
  • %V 71
  • %N 3
  • %P 305-318
  • %O Anglais
  • %K Computer program
  • %K Programme ordinateur
  • %K Perturbation theory
  • %K Théorie perturbation
  • %K Quantum chromodynamic
  • %K Chromodynamique quantique
  • %K Parton model
  • %K Modèle parton
  • %K Lepton
  • %K Lepton
  • %K Elementary particle
  • %K Particule fondamentale
  • %K Polarized particle
  • %K Particule polarisée
  • %K Particle scattering
  • %K Diffusion particule
  • %K Cross section (collision)
  • %K Section efficace
  • %K Structure function
  • %K Fonction structure
  • %K FORTRAN 77
  • %X We describe PEPSI (Polarized Electron Proton Scattering Interactions) a Monte Carlo program for polarized deep inelastic leptoproduction mediated by electromagnetic interaction, and explain how to use it. The code is a modification of the LEPTO 4.3 Lund Monte Carlo for unpolarized scattering. The hard virtual gamma-parton scattering is generated according to the polarization-dependent QCD cross-section of the first order in α[s]. PEPSI requires the standard polarization-independent JETSET routines to simulate the fragmentation into final hadrons 
  • %S Computer physics communications