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  • %0 ART
  • %T Nuclear power gas turbines: an old idea whose time has come
  • %A ADAMS R. M.
  • %A WU C.
  • %G 0226-1472
  • %I International Association of Science and Technology for Development
  • %C Anaheim, CA, ETATS-UNIS
  • %D 1993
  • %V 13
  • %N 2
  • %P 33-36
  • %O Anglais
  • %K Gas turbine
  • %K Turbine gaz
  • %K Closed cycle machine
  • %K Machine cycle fermé
  • %K Gas cooled reactor
  • %K Réacteur refroidi gaz
  • %K Nuclear reactor
  • %K Réacteur nucléaire
  • %K Electric power production
  • %K Production énergie électrique
  • %K Hot gas
  • %K Gaz chaud
  • %X It is possible, by combining proven technologies, to produce a closed-cycle gas turbine engine in which the gas is heated by a nuclear reactor. The characteristics of the engine would include rapid start capabilities, rapid response to changing load conditions, independence from fuel supply uncertainties, small total plant volume, independence from oxygen, zero air pollution, relatively low thermal pollution, a high level of plant safety, relative ease of maintenance and operation, reduced long term radioactive waste and acceptable lifetime cost 
  • %S International journal of energy systems