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  • %0 ART
  • %T Knowledge about pulse oximetry among medical and nursing staff
  • %A SAVILLE G. M.
  • %A WILSON I. H.
  • %G 0140-6736
  • %I Elsevier
  • %C Kidlington, ROYAUME-UNI
  • %D 1994
  • %V 344
  • %N 8933
  • %P 1339-1342
  • %O Anglais
  • %K Exploration
  • %K Exploration
  • %K Human
  • %K Homme
  • %K Pulse oxymetry
  • %K Oxymétrie pouls
  • %K Inquiry
  • %K Enquête
  • %K Knowledge
  • %K Connaissance
  • %K Nurse
  • %K Infirmier
  • %K Physician
  • %K Médecin
  • %K Respiratory system
  • %K Appareil respiratoire
  • %X Although pulse oximeters are increasingly used to monitor patients on medical and surgical wards, staff seem to receive no specific training in the operation of these devices. We investigated the knowledge of junior doctors and nursing staff about pulse oximetry as used on seriously ill patients in a District General Hospital in Exeter, UK. 30 medical or surgical preregistration house officers or senior house officers and 30 staff nurses answered a structured questionnaire. Questions were asked about the theory behind pulse oximetry, factors affecting readings, «normal» values in various patients, values in hypothetical clinical situations, and what training subjects had received 
  • %S The Lancet