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  • %0 ART
  • %T Public libraries as national libraries : The Caribbean experience
  • %G 0955-7490
  • %I Ashgate
  • %C Aldershot, ROYAUME-UNI
  • %D 1997
  • %V 9
  • %N 3
  • %P 213-238
  • %O Anglais
  • %K Public library
  • %K Bibliothèque publique
  • %K National library
  • %K Bibliothèque nationale
  • %K Professional activity
  • %K Activité professionnelle
  • %K Comparative study
  • %K Etude comparative
  • %K Survey
  • %K Enquête
  • %K Questionnaire
  • %K Questionnaire
  • %K Definition
  • %K Définition
  • %K Proposition
  • %K Proposition
  • %K Caribbean Basin
  • %K Bassin Caraïbe
  • %K Organization structure
  • %K Structure organisation
  • %K America
  • %K Amérique
  • %X While it is essential that national library functions and services are carried out, within the English-speaking Caribbean these functions can be provided by extending the role of the country's main public library. A questionnaire was administered in 1994 to 14 public libraries and one national library in the region to ascertain if public libraries performed any national library functions and if so to assess how effectively, with a view to formulating proposals as to how best this dual role could be achieved. The survey, in which 13 libraries participated, revealed that a majority of the libraries did in fact act as de facto national libraries, performing many of the functions of traditional national libraries, though there were major deficiencies (e.g. only seven had legal deposit, and only four produced national bibliographies). A structure for a dual-function Public/National Library is proposed, with three functional divisions (Public Library Services, Technical Services, and National Heritage) and a powerful National Library Services Board 
  • %S Alexandria