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  • %0 ART
  • %T Een kritische inleiding tot libertarisme
  • %A VAN DUFFEL Siegfried
  • %G 0002-5275
  • %I Van Gorcum
  • %C Assen, PAYS-BAS
  • %D 2007
  • %V 99
  • %N 1
  • %O Neerlandais
  • %K Droit de propriété
  • %K Liberty;Freedom
  • %K Liberté
  • %K Libertarianism
  • %K Libertarisme
  • %K Political philosophy
  • %K Philosophie politique
  • %X Libertarianism has been defended on the basis of consequentialist, contractarian and needs-based arguments. Neither of these arguments, however, provides a sound basis on which to ground a libertarian system of property rights. Many libertarians have suggested the ultimate value of liberty may provide such a ground. But it is not so obvious which notion of freedom libertarians have in mind, or how it could be argued that freedom has a value that always outweighs other values. I suggest that a very specific notion of freedom - freedom as normative control - underlies the insistence of libertarians that property rights are inviolable. 
  • %S Algemeen Nederlands tijdschrift voor wijsbegeerte