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  • %0 ART
  • %T The development and use of maps of socio-cybernetic systems to improve educational and social policy
  • %A RAVEN John
  • %A NAVROTSKY Vyacheslav
  • %G 1233-6009
  • %I Fundacja Srodkowoeuropejskie Centrum Ekonomii Dzialania Spolecznego
  • %C Lublin, POLOGNE
  • %D 2001
  • %V 7
  • %N 1-2
  • %P 19-60
  • %P 42
  • %O Anglais
  • %K Economic sociology
  • %K Sociologie économique
  • %K Innovation
  • %K Innovation
  • %K Russia
  • %K Russie
  • %K Educational System
  • %K Système éducatif
  • %K Cybernetics
  • %K Cybernétique
  • %K Map
  • %K Carte
  • %K Methodology
  • %K Méthodologie
  • %K Economical Management
  • %K Gestion
  • %K System
  • %K Système
  • %X The main aims of this paper are: (1) to explore the benefits to be derived from trying to construct socio-cybernetic maps to depict, help to understand, and find ways of influencing, societal (management) systems. Or, put another way, to assess the extent to which the attempt to represent the operation of societal systems in terms of socio-cybernetic maps helps, like a fault- finding chart associated with radio circuitry, to find ways in which linkages may be altered or added, and components changed, to remedy dysfunctions so that the system achieves its intended goals more effectively; (2) to discuss some of the problems we have encountered in trying to develop such diagrams with a view to both making explicit previously unrecognised features of the specific system we were studying and alerting others who might wish to follow a similar path to difficulties they are likely to encounter; and (3) more specifically, to use one of these maps to illuminate the processes that are heading the planet toward destruction and, in this way, discover some of the points at which it would be realistic to seek to intervene to halt or reverse this process without those interventions being nipped in the bud, or their effects negated, by the rest of the system. 
  • %S Journal for mental changes