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  • %0 ART
  • %T ELVIL : The European Legislative Virtual Library
  • %G 0040-6872
  • %I Tekniska Litteratursaellskapet
  • %C Stockholm, SUEDE
  • %D 2000
  • %V 55
  • %N 1
  • %P 19-24
  • %O Suedois
  • %K European Union
  • %K Union européenne
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  • %K Legal information
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  • %K ELVIL (European Legislative Virtual Library)
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  • %X The projects ELVIL and ELVIL 2000 want to open the doors to academic knowledge on European law and politics, facilitate life long learning and give the ordinary citizen a tool to understand how democracy works in the unified Europe. The general goal of the project is to create and operate an Academic Portal to European Law and Politics. ELVIL is addressing three user groups: citizens in general, teacher/students, media and professionals, all in need of: ○ access to political and legal information for independent study and political participation. To achieve active citizenship in the future European Union it is important that citizens and mass-media have easy access to documentation of, and information on, the political and legal processes of Europe. ○ educational tools in European politics and law. In an increasingly complex political world, life long learning becomes crucial for active citizenship. ○ communication tools for democratic participatory action. ELVIL is developing a Z39.59 gateway for unified access to parliamentary databases, quality-controlled web-indexes, an educational platform and a platform for civic networks and electronic democracy. Universities, libraries, publishers and parliaments work in ELVIL to make European law and politics easily accessible for the citizens and students of Europe. 
  • %S Tidsskrift för dokumentation