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  • %0 ART
  • %T The National Library and Information System (NALIS) of Trinidad and Tobago: a public Library System performing National Library functions
  • %A PELTIER-DAVIS Cheryl Ann
  • %G 0955-7490
  • %I Ashgate
  • %C Aldershot, ROYAUME-UNI
  • %D 2002
  • %V 14
  • %N 3
  • %P 151-159
  • %P 9
  • %O Anglais
  • %K America
  • %K Amérique
  • %K Central America
  • %K Amérique Centrale
  • %K West Indies
  • %K Antilles
  • %K NALIS (National Library and Information System)
  • %K Developing countries
  • %K Pays en développement
  • %K Organizational change
  • %K Changement organisationnel
  • %K Enterprise organization
  • %K Organisation entreprise
  • %K Firm structure
  • %K Structure entreprise
  • %K Service
  • %K Service
  • %K Public library
  • %K Bibliothèque publique
  • %K National library
  • %K Bibliothèque nationale
  • %K Trinidad and Tobago
  • %K Trinidad Tobago
  • %X In an environment where the continued survival of national libraries is being questioned, this article looks at an example of a public library system providing national library functions. The recent creation of the National Library and Information System (NALIS) in Trinidad and Tobago is evidence that Caribbean public libraries through a process of integration and centralization of existing library services can provide a nationwide national library service while maintaining essential national library functions. The organizational structure of NALIS is presented along with an outline of the functions of the various library divisions. A brief review of the literature on the current status of national libraries precedes the discussion on NALIS. 
  • %S Alexandria