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  • %0 ART
  • %T Advances in liquid crystal spatial light modulators
  • %A BAUCHERT Kipp
  • %A SERATI Steve
  • %A FURMAN Alex
  • %G 0-8194-4484-7
  • %I Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers
  • %C Bellingham, WA, INTERNATIONAL
  • %D 2002
  • %V 4734
  • %P 35-43
  • %P V, 194 p.
  • %O Anglais
  • %K 4279H
  • %K Design of experiments
  • %K Plan expérience
  • %K Design criterion
  • %K Critère conception
  • %K Holographic storage
  • %K Mémoire holographique
  • %K Optical information processing
  • %K Traitement optique information
  • %K Optical storage
  • %K Stockage optique
  • %K Amplitude modulation
  • %K Modulation amplitude
  • %K Phase modulation
  • %K Modulation phase
  • %K VLSI circuit
  • %K Circuit VLSI
  • %K Performance evaluation
  • %K Evaluation performance
  • %K Pitches
  • %K Tonie
  • %K Spatial light modulators
  • %K Modulateur optique spatial
  • %K Liquid crystals
  • %K Cristal liquide
  • %X Recent advances in our high-speed analog liquid crystal spatial light modulators (SLMs) will be presented. These advancements include higher pixel density, smaller pixel pitch, greatly improved optical efficiency, and higher speed operation. The new VLSI SLMs can utilize ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) or nematic liquid crystal (NLC) to achieve phase-only, amplitude-only and phase-amplitude-coupled modulation. These devices have applications in optical processing, optical storage, holographic display and beamsteering. Design criteria and experimental data will be presented. 
  • %S SPIE proceedings series