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  • %0 ART
  • %T Risk sectors for undesirable behaviour and mobbing
  • %A HUBERT Adrienne B.
  • %G 1359-432X
  • %I Psychology Press
  • %C Hove, ROYAUME-UNI
  • %D 2001
  • %N 4
  • %P 415-424
  • %P 154
  • %O Anglais
  • %K Europe
  • %K Europe
  • %K Human
  • %K Homme
  • %K Social interaction
  • %K Interaction sociale
  • %K Social environment
  • %K Environnement social
  • %K Netherlands
  • %K Pays Bas
  • %K Public health
  • %K Santé publique
  • %K Mental health
  • %K Santé mentale
  • %K Epidemiology
  • %K Epidémiologie
  • %K Prevalence
  • %K Prévalence
  • %K Professional relation
  • %K Relation professionnelle
  • %K Employee
  • %K Employé
  • %K Working condition
  • %K Condition travail
  • %K Risk factor
  • %K Facteur risque
  • %K Occupational environment
  • %K Milieu professionnel
  • %K Victimology
  • %K Victimologie
  • %K Mobbing
  • %K Harcèlement professionnel
  • %X The aim of this short note was to get an impression of risk sectors for the prevalence of undesirable behaviour and mobbing in The Netherlands. Data were collected from 1995 to 1999 with the Questionnaire on The Assessment and Experience of Work (Vragenlijst Beleving en Beoordeling van de Arbeid; VBBA; van Veldhoven & Meijman, 1994). The sample consisted of 66,764 employees representing 11 sectors in The Netherlands. Four questions were indicative of the occurrence of undesirable behaviour and mobbing. The main conclusion of this study is that there are large differences in the occurrence of undesirable behaviour between sectors. 
  • %S European journal of work and organizational psychology