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Nathan Zuntz (1847-1920): a German pioneer in high altitude physiology and aviation medicine. I: Biography

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Free univ. Berlin, dep. physiology, 14195 Berlin, ALLEMAGNE

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Nathan zuntz (1847-1920) was a key person in the history of high altitude physiology and aviation medicine. As a professor of animal physiology at the Landwirtschaftliche Hochschule (Agricultural University) in Berlin from 1881 until 1918, he carried out laboratory studies on the changes in metabolism at rest and during exercise. To this end he, together with August Julius Geppert, developed the famous Zuntz-Geppert' schen Respirationsapparat (Zuntz-Geppert respiratory apparatus) in 1885. In the early 1890's, Zuntz extended his research to the field of high altitude physiology. In view of the variety of questions, and despite considerable methodological problems, Zuntz first studied the effects of lowered Po2 on the human body in a Pneumatischen Kammer (hypobaric chamber). In 1893 the newly completed Capanna Regina Margherita, an international research station at the top of Monte Rosa, Italy (4,500 m), became the site of Zuntz's extensive field studies, where he worked together with his close co-worker Adolf Loewy (1862-1936), the Italian Angelo Mosso (1846-1910), and the Austrian Arnold Durig (1872-1961). For their investigations Zuntz invented the transportable Gasuhr (a gas exchange measuring device). In 1902 Zuntz and the Austrian Hermann von Schroetter (1870-1928) made two balloon ascents up to 5,000 m in Berlin. A synopsis of these studies was published by Zuntz in 1906: his famous book Höhenklima und Bergwanderungen (High altitude climate and mountain-touring). A few years later Zuntz undertook further expeditions to the Canary Islands (Pico de Teide), conducting studies in airships and planes until 1914. Zuntz retired 1916 and died in Berlin on March 22, 1920

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Aviation, space, and environmental medicine    ISSN  0095-6562 

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1995, vol. 66, no2, pp. 168-171 (9 ref.)

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Aerospace Medical Association, Alexandria, VA, ETATS-UNIS  (1975) (Revue)

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Space medicine




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Médecine aérospatiale




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Medicina aeroespacial




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