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Tympanon portalu północnego ponorbertańskiego kościola świetej trójcy w strzelnie = The tympanum of the northern portal in former premonstratensians nuns' church in Strzelno

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Résumé / Abstract

The tympanum of the northern portal in former Premonstratensian nuns' church of the Holy Trinity in Strzelno was discovered in 1953 and it is preserved in its original place. It is dated circa 1216. The tympanum is extraordinary with regard to its iconographic content and its form as well. Formally it is distinguished by its trifoliate shape and the richness of sculptural meanings applied in order to reach the maximum of relief expression of the bas-relief. The bas-relief represents Christ in mandorla sitting on the rainbow with a dove of the Holy Spirit over His head and treading the Lion and the Dragon. Two Angels, two symbols of the Evangelists and two Apostles surround Him. For its iconography the most important is the representation of two animal-headed symbols of the Evangelists - Mark and Luke instead of four Evangelists (or their symbols) surrounded Christ, which is the most common in such representations, and two Apostles - Peter and Paul. These pairs have been connected since the 2nd century whey the Christian writer Irenaus of Lyon described their dependence in the tractate Adversus Haereses. At the same time, according to Irenaus, these Evangelists symbolize the Kingship (Mark - Lion) and Ministry (Luke - Ox) of Christ. The act of treading the Dragon and the Lion (traditionally we have represented four beasts - except those ones there is also the Basilisk and the Aspis), in which we can assume symbols of Satan and the Antichrist, point out the authority of Christ over these evil powers. The bird over Christ's head interpreted as a dove of the Holy Spirit may refer to the patrocimium of the church or shows the highest majesty of Christ by permanent presence of the Holy Spirit. The element which completes the representation is the floral twig protruding from the mouths of the masks on the archivolt of the tympanum. This is the symbolic illustration of the theme of Psychomachia popular in the Middle Ages. In a broader ecclesiastical and political context this representation may refer to the role of the Premonstratensians Order in introducing the church reform in Poland and the Papacy. In that time the famous Innocent III the Pope was During his pontificate the Papacy experienced the apogee of its significance. Innocent III put forward the conception of double curacy of Christ and the idea of the Pope himself. The Pope-,- as a deputy of Christ on the earth, was supposed to hold in his hand both spiritual (Christus Sacerdos) and secular (Christus Rex) powers. So the representation from the tympanum of the northern portal stressed the majesty of Christ by placing around Him all the symbols mentioned above might be the illustration of this idea. It is also very probable that the northern portal was the main entrance to the church.

Revue / Journal Title

Roczniki humanistyczne    ISSN  0035-7707 

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2005, vol. 53, no4, pp. 7-36 [30 page(s) (article)]

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Editeur / Publisher

Towarzystwo Naukowe Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego, Lublin, POLOGNE  (1949) (Revue)

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INIST-CNRS, Cote INIST : 23349, 35400013320461.0010

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