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Titre du document / Document title

Synthesis and crystal structure of (2.2.2-cryptand)potassium bicarbonate trihydrate

Auteur(s) / Author(s)


Résumé / Abstract

The new crystalline complex (2.2.2-cryptand)potassium bicarbonate trihydrate [K2(Crypt-222)]+. HCO-3.3H2O (I) is synthesized and studied by X-ray diffraction analysis. Crystal structure I (space group P1, a = 10.945 Å, b =11.157 A, c =11.840 Å, a = 95.71°, β= 97.46°, y= 105.21°, Z= 2) is solved by direct methods and refined by the full-matrix least-squares method in the anisotropic approximation to R = 0.033 for 3570 unique reflections (CAD4 automated diffractometer, λMoKα). In structure I, the complex cation [K(2.2.2-cryptand)]+ of the host-guest type has approximate symmetry D3. The coordination polyhedron of the K+ cation (coordination number 8) is a dicapped trigonal prism slightly distorted toward an antiprism. In crystal I, the HCO-3 anions and water molecules are unified by hydrogen bonds to form infinite complex chains running along the z axis. The chains are linked from one side to the complex cations through the O(w)-H...O hydrogen bond.

Revue / Journal Title

Russian journal of inorganic chemistry    ISSN  0036-0236   CODEN RJICAQ 

Source / Source

2005, vol. 50, no10, pp. 1556-1560 [5 page(s) (article)]

Langue / Language


Editeur / Publisher

Springer, New York, NY, ETATS-UNIS  (1959) (Revue)

Localisation / Location

INIST-CNRS, Cote INIST : 9395, 35400013196598.0180

Nº notice refdoc (ud4) : 17210776

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