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Preparation of hypo-antigenic casein fragments having a stimulatory effect on IgA production in mouse spleen cell cultures

Auteur(s) / Author(s)


Résumé / Abstract

Cow's casein was hydrolyzed with 13 kinds of industrial- and food-grade protease preparations of microbial, plant and animal origin. Casein phosphopeptides (CPPs) were enriched from the hydrolysates by calcium chloride aggregation at pH 7.2 followed by ethanol precipitation. The stimulatory effect of all the prepared CPPs on IgA production was higher than that of a commercially available CPP (CPP-III from tryptic casein), while the antigenic reactivity of the CPP preparations with antibody that recognized a phosphoserine-rich region, i.e., anti-p-casein (1-28) antibody, was lower than that of CPP-III. In particular, the CPP prepared from casein hydrolyzed by alkaline proteases from Aspergillus oryzae displayed an approximately 2-fold higher stimulatory effect on IgA production than CPP-III, and retained about a 100-fold lower antigenic reactivity with anti-β-casein (1-28) antibody than CPP-III did. A gel-filtration profile indicated that the molecular weight of peptides in the Aspergillus proteolytic CPP preparation seemed to be less than 3500, and that the elution position of most of the peptides corresponded to that of valinomycin (m.w. 1111). These results suggest that the CPP prepared from casein hydrolyzed by alkaline protease of Aspergillus oryzae is a hypo-antigenic peptide mixture having a strong stimulatory effect on IgA production.

Revue / Journal Title

Milchwissenschaft    ISSN  0026-3788   CODEN MILCAD 

Source / Source

2005, vol. 60, no2, pp. 175-179 [5 page(s) (article)]

Langue / Language

Revue : Anglais

Editeur / Publisher

Agrar-Verlag Allgaü, Kempten, ALLEMAGNE  (1946) (Revue)

Localisation / Location

INIST-CNRS, Cote INIST : 4873, 35400012568227.0170

Nº notice refdoc (ud4) : 16690098

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